There is an obvious disconnect between Texas and Florida. We don't ever throw Mexican food at someone else. Great Mexican food is never wasted in the Lone Star state. We enjoy our enchiladas. Flaunt our fajitas. Take up with our tacos.

Something is going on in Florida where the second incident of "man throws burrito at..." within a week. I've never tried to weaponize Mexican food because I'd rather eat it, then toss it.

Last week, a man near Miami, was arrested on a battery charge for smashing a Taco Bell burrito in his wife’s face and up her nose when she became upset over a family issue. How do you come back from that? What apology works?

On Monday, a man from a Port Richey was arrested and booked on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge for throwing a burrito in his “sexual partner’s” face during an argument. What was the argument about?

Burritos and tacos are sacred in Texas, especially for breakfast. Since Amarillo doesn't have an Allsup's, I have to travel to another town for one of their legendary burritos, I will not waste it by throwing it at someone. I'm almost positive there is some Texas law regarding the use of Mexican food. If there isn't, there should be. With some jail time attached.

You know  how these things catch on.It's starts with burritos in midair and then someone kills someone else with a flying flauta, and  all Mexican food is banned. That's when I go over the wall, but from our side.

My suggestion, until Florida can behave, is prohibition on Mexican food for the entire state. When they act like they can behave, we'll try it again. Florida will agree to ship each American, a case of Speckled Trout, or maybe some nice grouper.

Have you ever thrown food at someone? Give us details in the comment section below.



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