This summer has been a crazy one.  One filled with the scare of zika virus and even scarier, a flesh eating bacteria.  So has the bacteria invaded Lake Meredith?

When I hear the words 'flesh eating' I freak out a little bit.  Ok, a lot.  So when I heard rumors going around that a flesh eating bacteria made it's way to Lake Meredith, I had to find out if it was true.

Lake Meredith has been very low for years and with the abundance of rain, it has risen to levels that allow us to enjoy it again.  It would be awful if we had to quit going because of something as terrible a this bacteria.

Luckily, we won't have to!  Yesterday, Lake Meredith National Recreational Area posted on their Facebook page that the rumors were false.

As a matter of fact, no flesh eating bacteria has been found anywhere in the Texas Panhandle.  If there is a reason to believe there is, the Texas Department of State Health Service said they would have to conduct biological emergency test.

So it seems that the lake is still safe to enjoy.  Many people have commented on the LMRA FB page and said that they visit the lake frequently and are just fine.

And if you are looking for a good fishing spot, the lake was seeded earlier this year.

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