I mean I can only really speak for Randall County. This has to be the most entertaining Facebook page I have ever followed. Are you a member?

If not HERE is the link. Become a member. Grab a bag of popcorn and be ready for the roller coaster ride that is arrests in Randall County. Sometimes the comments alone are just enough. Now I am not going to post any mugshots. You will have to look for those yourself. I don't want the drama of someone coming at me for posting said mugshot.

You do realize though that is a losing battle? Mugshots are public record so if you don't want it posted don't get arrested? Can't do the time? Don't do the crime.

So I was watching the page over the weekend. Just for a 3 day period. Now mind you I saw Chicago post about them having a decrease in arrests. All I can say is this past weekend....Friday - Sunday there were a total of 21 arrests. Again this is JUST Randall County.

Some of the charges? Well since we are supposed to all be staying home there of course are several "assaults of family member". Oh and "possession of a controlled substance"  Seems many can't go without their drugs or without abusing their loved one.

There are several public intoxication charges and "driving while intoxicated". See if those of you just stayed home. Sure drink if you must but for all that is holy....do NOT leave your house. That will erase many of these charges.

I also saw charges of violation of a protective order. So apparently staying home would keep you from bothering someone who already asked for protection from you. Then there was "continuous violence against the family" again it is one thing to be violent but then here you are being continuous.

The one that is the most interesting because I don't for sure know what it means is the charge of "violation of emergency management plan."  All I can think is YOU were the one who got arrested for not staying home. You have one job Amarillo. Stay home! Don't get arrested. It really is THAT simple.

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