Here we are starting Spring Break of 2021. Last year the students went on break and then never went back. Parents remember that time well. There was definitely  a lot of uncertainty. Things have changed a lot in a year.

Here we are starting it all again. One thing that is always a concern is food. Some kids are making their plans for the week. Whether they are going to a camp or staying home. This may be a week that mom or dad get to stay home. This can lead to a lot of stress for some families.

Some kids are just worried about their next meal. There are a lot in Amarillo who count on the school system during the year for a nice breakfast or lunch. Those needs don't stop just because it is Spring Break.

This is where the good news come from Amarillo Independent School District. They have already made their plans that all students, 18 and under, that need to have food will still be taken care of.

This is a social distancing grab and go event.  Here are the locations to stop by to get food:

Elementary Schools:

  • Eastridge, 1314 Evergreen St.
  • Emerson, 600 N Cleveland St.
  • Humphrey’s Highland, 3901 SE 15th Ave.
  • Ridgecrest, 5306 SW 37th Ave.
  • Rogers, 920 N Mirror St.
  • San Jacinto, 3400 W 4th Ave.
  • South Lawn, 4719 Bowie St.
  • Wills, 3500 SW 11th Ave.

Middle School: 

  • Austin, 1808 Wimberly Rd.

Stop by on Monday and Tuesday to get breakfast and lunch for that day. Pick up time starts at 9:30am until 10:30am. On Wednesday the time stays the same but you will be picking up both meals for the rest of the week.

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