Will people do anything for a buck these days?  I'm curious about that because there is currently an auction on Ebay where someone is trying to sell a 4 oz bottle of swimming pool water.  The water allegedly came from a swimming pool that was used by Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and daughter Suri.

According to the Ebay Auction:


For sale is a 4oz. glass bottle containing water taken from a pool in Miami Beach, Florida in which Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes swam in with daughter Suri on July 16, 2011. There is a very limited supply of this special water. The winning bidder will receive a 5x7 print of Tom swimming in the pool with Katie Holmes by his side as a certificate of authenticity. The bottle is hand painted and shows a cross to mimic the effect of a bottle of Holy Water. But this cross also bears four gold rays coming from behind, which can also be considered the symbol of Scientology.  Tom Cruise water can be used in rituals, potions, or perfumes. It can be dabbed behind the ears or on the wrists for good luck. You can place some of it around the hearth of your  home or baptize your baby with it. The possibilities are endless. Happy bidding!

The bidding starts at $100.  As of yet, no one has bid on this Cruiserific bottle of water.


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