I decided a few years ago that it wasn't worth the hassle the one day I have off that week to be cooking. I would rather spend that time with my family. So what do I do? I order my meal pre-made every year.

Why do you want to cook on Thanksgiving?

I don't feel guilty. Nope, not at all. I still make a few side dishes. There are those few that my daughter insists on. I have to make my homemade green bean casserole. I have to make my deviled eggs, my spinach dip, oh and my pumpkin pie cheesecake for sure. It is not Thanksgiving without all of those dishes on top of what I get from the restaurant every year.

So where can you order your Thanksgiving Dinner?

There are several places that have your back every year. They will make the turkey. Most will provide you with some side dishes. Oh, and don't forget the pies. You do have to call early. Some have a specific time frame for you to order. You don't want to call and find out you missed out.

  • Cracker Barrel - I will admit this is where I usually order. They make it easy because there is one here and one near my daughter's place in Dallas. They have the turkey breasts, the side dishes, pies and rolls.
  • United Supermarkets - They also will help you out with everything. You need to reach out to their concierge service to order. Oh, and order early.
  • Cask & Cork - They will get your Thanksgiving ready for you regardless of how many people you are feeding. Just two? No problem. Just let them know. Oh, and you don't have to just do turkey. They have prime rib, salmon and even lobster fettucine.
  • Big Texan - They have their Thanksgiving buffet that they are known for oh but they also do take out. You can have your turkey meal without all the people if you want.
  • Macaroni Joe’s - They have all sorts of stuff to choose from. You want turkey? Sure. Ham? Ok. They even have prime rib and beef tenderloin. Oh and the sides. Yes, they have all sorts to choose from too.
  • Calico County - You can get your turkey, dressing, gravy, choice of two sides. You also get their dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. Oh and if you have had either of those rolls you know how great those are.
  • The Drunken Oyster - Their company Forkin' Good Hospitality is offering a take home meal too. So much to choose from including Cajun roasted turkey or prime rib. They have many side dishes and desserts to choose from too.
  • Pork n Things BBQ - Don't let the name fool you. They are more than just BBQ and they want to help make your turkey day a success. You can choose a turkey feast, a ham feast, or the ultimate feast that serves both meats. You can also choose your sides and pies.

I love that I am not alone in not wanting to spend ALL day cooking. I can still get a dang good meal. I am excited about all the choices we have in Amarillo.

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