Halloween is the time for pumpkins.  I personally don't go all out with the pumpkins at Halloween.  We get two big pumpkins and two small ones.  That's usually it, but I don't like spending more than $20 on pumpkins.  However with that said, I guess I should start expecting to pay at least $40 for my 4 pumpkins. 

According to Patch.com, because of Hurricane Irene and the flooding, the pumpkin crops are being harvested later than usual.

“The pumpkins are holding off to be harvested later this week. There could be a shortage.

So with the flooding in the east and the killer heat here, expect the pumpkin selection to be smaller and more expensive.

I spoke to Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm and they said the drought has affected the pumpkin growth this year but the kids will still be able to go out into the field and pick their own pumpkins.


Speaking of Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm, they will open up for the season on September 24th.  They also said that they will have some new and exciting activities for the kids this year.  For more information on Maxwell's click here.

So with the floods and the drought and the shortage of pumpkins this year, does this mean the price of canned pumpkin will go up?  I'm guessing it will.  If you love your pumpkin breads, pies, cheesecakes and what not.  It would probably be a good idea to stock up on it now before the holiday season arrives.


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