So it has been a long nine months. Can we all agree? That fateful March day when we had even stronger winds then even we are used to in the Texas Panhandle.

That was the day that El Patron had to close down. They had major roof damage because of the wind storms. They did some remodeling. They even moved the location of the door. You once entered from the front facing I-40. Now the door is on the side with a nice awning.

People have asked and asked when they would be reopening and finally the news we wanted to hear.

credit: El Patron FB Page
credit: El Patron FB Page

It was a Christmas Miracle. They opened back up on Christmas Eve. Just in time for the family celebrations. I drove by a couple times and the parking lot of the restaurant was full. I hope they succeed. I hope they get back all the loyal customer base they had. You have to feel for the owner's and staff that lost income for these past 9 months. I can only imagine a lot of the employees couldn't wait and had to find other opportunities.

Here is to a long and prosperous re-open. Go and support them and check them out. They are located at 3401 I-40 frontage Rd between Western and Paramount.


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