Halloween is this weekend so there are a lot of fun events planned. You probably have the kids all lined out. There are Trunk or Treats, Fall Festivals, oh and of course trick or treating on Sunday.

What about for you? You want to get out when the kids are all tuckered out and enjoy Halloween as adults. I mean a normal Halloween once again. So The Amarillo Botanical Gardens is here to help you out.

Saturday night they will be hosting a Halloween Ball. This is their first year to do so. It won't be their last. It will be held out at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens and will have all the fun that you would expect from an event like this.

Of course there will be live music. It's hard to have a ball without such a thing. It's Halloween so of course that means costumes. You want to show off your creativity so they will be having a costume contest. Oh and there will also be an open bar.

Everything will kick off on Saturday, October 30th and will run from 8pm until 12am. So once you get the kiddos down for the evening then your night begins.

There are just days left to snag your ticket and plan your costume for our first annual Halloween Ball!
You aren't going to want to miss the best Halloween party in town, sponsored by Reed Beverage! We will have Velvet Funk Band playing, open bar, hors d'oeuvres and a costume contest to die for!
Grab your tickets before their gone.


credit: Amarillo Botanical Gardens
credit: Amarillo Botanical Gardens

You can make your plans and get your tickets HERE.

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