So, over the 4th of July Holiday a lot of people went out to cool off at their local water parks.  One woman did just that at a water park in Missouri, however her day of fun didn't end that way because she was thrown out of the park for wearing her bikini.

Madelyn Sheaffer, 42, was enjoying a day out with her daughter at a local Missouri water park when park employees asked her to put a pair of shorts on.  She refused because other women, younger woman and girls were wearing bikinis just as small as hers.

I have seen more scantily clad bikinis at water parks than normal full swimsuits.  Was this woman treated unfairly?  You be the judge.

Here''s an ABC News Report that shows more of the bikini:

So, do you think the water park treated her unfairly? Should she have just put on the shorts?

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