The weather should be better this weekend which can only mean one thing. We need to get out. We need to find stuff to do. The past couple of days have been on the cold side so we can defrost this weekend. Not only is there stuff for us to do but it’s even better when it is free.

After the past year we have family fun should be high on our list of priorities. Saving money needs to be pretty high up there too. I have peaked your interest haven’t I? It’s another fun event for the whole family. The kids will love it, the hubby will love it,, of course, you will enjoy it too. An afternoon making memories with your family.

A free car show out at the Route 66 Motor Speedway. How does that sound? Checking out a lot of great cars. That can be pretty much the highlight of your weekend.

Who doesn’t love to look at all the cool cars? So mark this on your calendar for Saturday from 1pm until 4pm. But wait it gets better. You can make it a whole day.

If that is not exciting enough than the race season starts that same night. This Saturday is lining up to be a great day.

Route 66 Motor Speedway is located at 4101 TX-335 Loop. You can find more information HERE Here is to the year 2021 already looking to be much better than the past year. We are getting back to some normal events. Taking the family out to the race tracks can be a big time this weekend.

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