When I lived in California in the 90s I spent an awful lot of time going to Disneyland.

For me it truly is one of the most magical places on Earth. I would get there right as the park would open and close it down at night.

Since I've had the opportunity to go to Disneyland so many times, I began picking up on some of the historical trivia about 'The Happiest Place on Earth.Without revealing any of 'the magic' here are seven cool little tidbits of Disneyland trivia you might find cool.

  1. Walt Disney's original idea was to build a theme park that was 8 acres. When the park officially opened on July 17, 1955 it was 85 acres.
  2. The drawbridge on Sleeping Beauty Castle has been raised and lowered only twice. The first time was the day the park opened in 1955.
  3. The first Tinkerbell to fly from the top of the Matterhorn was former Circus Performer Tiny Kline. She was 70 years old at that time.
  4. The R2-D2 on the Star Tours attraction is one of the original ones that appeared in the movies.
  5. Doritos were invented at Frontierland.
  6. The Star Tours Ride has 50 different possible ride combinations.
  7. There are close to 160 possible adventures on the Indiana Jones Ride.
  8. Unlike it's Florida counterpart, which has one 14 foot drop,  Pirates of the Caribbean has two drops: The first is 52 feet followed by a 37 foot drop.