2020 was quite the year for Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson.  The COVID- 19 pandemic, her and her husband surviving coronavirus and also Nelson received treatment for cancer. But she is still going strong. Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson will seek reelection in 2021, according to a Tuesday release.

Nelson said the past year has been "incredibly difficult," she said she plans to keep the pandemic front and center heading into a potential third term.

Nelson said, “As Mayor, I will continue to make COVID 19 our top priority, she also said she is focusing on other areas of improvement for the city as well, including a proposal for city-wide high-speed internet.

Nelson said the proposal would allow people to be hired in Amarillo and contribute to the city's economy but work wherever they choose.

Other ideas on her agenda include:

Animal Management and Welfare improvements

Jobs and economic plans

A neighborhood safety plan, focusing on increasing police funding and staffing

Street and road improvements

The election for the mayor, along with other members of the city council, will be held in May 2021.

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