We are a few weeks away from Halloween and the massive amounts of candy that will be invading our homes.  Maybe the Halloween candy has made it into your home.  Have you bought your trick or treat candy yet?  Have you been snacking on it?  It happens.  I had some Halloween treats in my house from St. Mary's Carnival Sweet Shop.

Jennifer Barrow
Jennifer Barrow

The Halloween treats take over.  However, they are delicious and yummy so why wouldn't you want to snack on them.  OK we don't want to gain weight by constantly eating candy all season long, but a piece every now and then won't hurt us.  They are yummy.

My favorite Halloween treats are Tootsie Rolls, Milky Ways and Skittles.  I love them so much.  OK I like most of the chocolate except 3 Musketeers.  Yuck!

Also when it comes to trick or treating, how old is too old too old to trick or treat? Plus when kids come to your door while trick or treating do you actually make them say trick or treat?

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