Today is National Scotch Tape Day.  Today is the day we celebrate this sticky clear wonder that makes our lives so much easier.  I mean when scotch tape came on the scene, we no longer had to wrap packages with twine.  We were able to tape down those brown paper edges.  Scotch tape has been a life saver on so many occasions.  So let's celebrate National Scotch tape day with the top 10 best uses for scotch tape.

So scotch tape was born on September 8, 1930, so we are celebrating its 85th birthday.


1. Wrapping presents -  Without scotch you wouldn't have those perfectly sealed seams.  Plus scotch tape blends in the with paper so it's almost invisible

2. Labels - scotch tape makes perfect labels.  Just throw a piece of scotch tape on something take a sharpies and write on it.

3. Sealing envelopes - Let's face it the glue on envelopes doesn't work so well and if you have seen that episode of Seinfeld where Susan dies, you definitely don't want to lick and envelope.

4. Fix your credit card strip - Do you find that the strip on your credit card isn't working? Put a piece of scotch tape over it, it should help it to work until you can order a new one.  And while we are at it, throw a piece of scotch tape over the numbers on the back to keep your CVV code from rubbing off.

5. Party Trick - wow your friends.  Blow up a balloon and tape a few pieces of scotch tape on the balloon and then push pins through the scotch tape.  The balloon won't pop and your friends are wowed.

6. Broken Glass picker-upper - Let's face it we have all broken something glass and getting those tiny pieces of glass up are a nightmare.  Wrap some scotch tape on your hand (or something else) and gently pat the area where the glass broke and it will pick up the pieces of glass.

7. Shoelace savers - Let's face it we have all had the aglet (you know the plastic thingy on the ends of your shoelaces) fall off.  So when that happens, grab some scotch tape and tape up the frayed end until you can get to the store and get some new laces.

8. Lint Roller - if you have pets in your home, wearing black really shouldn't be an option, but if you go to grab your lint roller and it is empty, not to worry, wrap your hand in scotch tape and get to patting.  Just make sure the sticky is on the outside.

9.  Check your produce - If you bought some produce and aren't sure it is ripe yet, just cut out a little piece and check it.  If not, replace the piece you cut out and put a piece of scotch tape over it and it will continue to ripen.

10. Make Funny Faces - There's just something funny about taking scotch tape and putting it on your face and making silly faces.


So here's some great things you can do with scotch tape.  So say Happy Birthday scotch tape!

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