When it comes to birthday parties, we like to send our kids to have some fun with their friends.  I know around Amarillo, RSVPing is polite but doesn't always happen and sometimes you'll get an RSVP and the child won't attend.  Have you ever thought about sending a bill to that family for not showing up after they RSVP'd?  That's exactly what happened to Alex Nash.

Alex was invited to a skiing/snowboarding party.  The family did RSVP and say he would be there, but then at the last minute, Alex decided to spend time with his grandparents.  Apparently, that was not OK with the mother who was throwing the party because she sent a bill to the Nash family saying that his non-attendance let her out of pocket.

What reaction would you have had, if you had received and invoice for missing a child's birthday party?

The bill was for 15.95 pounds which is $24.14.

I understand that it would have been polite to follow-up with a call saying he wouldn't be able to make the party.  However, I don't really think the mother had a right to send a bill.  That's the risk you take when you plan a birthday party.

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