No one is going to blame you if you didn't know, or forgot, that today is National Mother-In-Law's Day.  I even doubt your mother-in-law even knows.  The holiday originated in Amarillo in 1934 when then newspaper editor, Gene Howe, offended his own mother-in-law with a column he had published.  According to one story, there was an outbreak of angst from mother-in-laws all over Amarillo.  This inspired Howe to try and make some peace, by creating a holiday.  It never really caught on in the same way that Father's Day or Mother's Day did.  It's not hard to imagine why.

What would that section of Hallmark greeting cards look like?  Thanks for insulting my cooking again!  That unsolicited parenting advice really came in handy!  Thank you for reminding me that your daughter could have married an oil really motivates me to do better!  You were right, the house is always a mess and no one can deep clean quite like you!

Mother-in-laws have a unique job.  They have to constantly be the butt of the joke, trust someone to take equally good (if not better) care of their child, and still find a way to share the position of matriarch with some total stranger.  So for this Mother-In-Law's Day, don't worry about gifts, cards, flowers, or much at all.  Just smile the next time she runs her finger down the counter top inspecting for dust.  She does it out of love.