As if there weren't enough cones and detours in Amarillo at the moment, here comes another one.

This one is going to affect Georgia Street, but it shouldn't last too long.

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Starting today (Monday, September 13), traffic on Georgia Street south of Hillside Rd and S.W. 58th Ave will be detoured for a water tap project.

The main area & roads it will impact you are along S.W. 58th Ave and Farmers Avenue. It won't completely shut down the area though. It's simply Georgia St between those 2 streets that will be shut down. You'll still have access to businesses and the residential areas along Georgia St.

The project is only supposed to last until September 21st, so only about a week or so of inconvenience. The City of Amarillo has said their street department will be repairing the streets in the area that are impacted by the project.

I know it seems there is a lot of road projects and construction going on in the city right now, and you'd be correct. However, as inconvenient as it may be right now, I feel like this is something the city desperately needs. I've only been here for around 5 months, but I've noticed that the roads in Amarillo are pretty rough and some of the traffic patterns are a bit strange.

I really think if we all just take a breath and let the work get completed, we're going to find the city runs a lot smoother on the roads and we'll be thanking the city for taking the time to fix the roads.

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