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In one report I read, a quote was given stating that it was been since the '80s that AC has had sports. That's all getting ready to change.

Starting in 2022, Amarillo College will be hopefully adding baseball, women's volleyball, and cross country (men and women's). The addition of these sports adds on to AC's ESports team.

Long story short, there's going to be a lot more athletes to cheer on at AC.

The reason for the wait until 2022 is that facilities will need to be updated, renovations will need to be done, and applications to athletic associations need to be approved first.

I don't know any sports fan who will be unhappy with having more hometown teams to cheer on. Plus, it gives kids another place to play without having to travel very far from home.

The baseball part is what I found most interesting considering how getting the Sod Poodles renewed the city's love of the game. According to reports, there are hopes that AC would be able to play at Hodgetown.

I'm excited about the possibility of cheering on more teams from Amarillo College. I follow the Esports team on social media, and I've enjoyed keeping up with them.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, ESports refers to video games. Several years ago, high schools and colleges began adding ESports teams to their campuses. Believe it or not, ESports have turned into big money making opportunities. Especially when it comes to pro level players.

Fingers crossed everything goes as planned and athletes will have another option in the panhandle.

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