Let's face it, Amarillo has some great stores.  We especially have some great stores to get some food, but we just don't have those cool stores.  Stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and let's just face it, we don't have anything like Trader Joe's and wouldn't it be cool if we did.

I'll be scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and see a post about this Cookie Butter.  Cookie Butter?  What is this heavenly delight?  Oh, it's from Trader Joe's.  Then the thought crosses my mind, why can't we have anything cool like this in Amarillo.  Oh and who else allows you to wear a Hawaiian shirt to work.

The closest we come to a Trader Joe's is Albuquerque, OKC, or even Dallas, I mean seriously who wants to drive over 4 hours to experience this shopping fun.  Who wants to drive to get the Cookie Butter.  I know, you can order it online, but wouldn't you love to just hop in the car on a whim and drive down the street.

We need something cool like this in Amarillo.

I know I'm going on about the cookie butter, but Trader Joe's is also great when it comes to organic.  That's all you hear these days is eat organic, but sometimes it's hard to get organic in Amarillo.  Now don't get me wrong, you can buy organic products, but unfortunately for me, I don't want to take out a loan for organic eating, and this store offers an affordable way to enjoy organic eating.   Plus, if you are a Vegan, this store would also be a Godsend.

So how do we get a Trader Joe's in Amarillo?  We ask, and we keep asking, and more of us ask, the closer we are to getting a Trader Joe's.  Plus, Lubbock doesn't have one either, so it would be great to get one before they do.   So, what are you waiting for click below and ask for a Trader Joe's in our area!  Then share the news and ask your family and friends to ask.

If anything, do it for the cookie butter.


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