With Halloween approaching, you might be scrambling for a last-minute costume idea. You probably don't feel like dropping a small fortune on something you're only going to wear for a few hours, so you're looking for something quick that can be done on a budget.

Here are our top 5 Halloween costumes that just scream Amarillo.

One thing you could do is put on a grumpy face and just randomly complain about things all night long. Randomly insert yourself into conversations with little tidbits that pertain in no way to the topic at hand. If no one is paying attention to you, scream.

We'll call this costume, "Amarillo Social Media."

Another costume idea would be to do some intermittent fasting between now and then. Once Halloween gets here, go buy a big slab of beef. Now, walk around all night with two fistfuls of steak that you have grilled to perfection. Stop to tear a piece off now and then for effect. Don't forget your baked potato and shrimp cocktail.

We'll call this costume, "Influencer Attempting The 72 OZ Steak Challenge."

You could always paint your face as the kids do. Just be sure to pick an animal native to the Texas panhandle. Slap a cowboy hat on, give yourself a silly name, and guess what? You've got another costume.

This time you're a "Texas Panhandle MiLB Mascot."

If you're really in a rush, and you happen to have a white t-shirt lying around; grab your kids' markers and just go to town on that shirt. Scribble all over that shirt. Make sure that when you're done, it barely resembles something that used to be a shirt.

Now, every chance you get, lean back. You're "Cadillac Ranch."

If you're desperate, you could always wear orange. Be sure to put a reflective strip around your stomach. Bonus points if you can find a little blinking light to wear on top of your head.

Congrats, you're now the unofficial flower of the Texas panhandle, a "Traffic Cone."

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