Halloween is next month. Already we're starting to see area haunted house attractions getting into the spirit of the season. Speaking of Spirit, the iconic Halloween store already has a presence in town.

Nothing screams Halloween in Amarillo, though, like a giant 12ft skeleton.

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The Massive Skeletons That Took The World By Storm

If you think back, there was a trend not too long ago around Halloween. That trend involved what many considered the greatest holiday yard decoration of all time.

The 12ft skeleton.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

These skeletons were found on display in stores. They towered over customers who were simply looking for tombstones and zombies. It didn't take long for these gargantuan skeletons to become the overwhelming object of desire when it came to outdoor Halloween decorations.

There's even a massive Facebook group devoted specifically to this one Halloween yard decoration.

Amarillo's Skeleton "Family"

Unfortunately, people don't get as worked up over Halloween decorations as they do Christmas decorations. There are no maps for the biggest and best displays. Whole neighborhoods don't get flooded with never-ending lines of cars.

Still, there are those who enthusiastically decorate for Halloween. There are neighborhoods that go all out for trick-or-treating.

A good example is this yard.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

There's a lot going on. A witch stands near her cauldron. There's a buffet of visual Halloween treats.

One skeleton looks to be climbing a tree. Another, in the background, is reclined in a chair. Then, off to the side, is the massive 12ft skeleton.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

My favorite part is the ghoulish mini skeleton that looks like it's crawling near the giant skeleton. There are also smaller "baby" skeletons near the tombstones in the yard.

When you're driving around town, keep an eye out for the skeleton house.

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