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Trick or Treating can be a fun night full of family memories, or it can be pure chaos worse than any Stephen King movie could ever capture.

Especially when you throw bad weather into the mix, according to The ABC 7, Radar snow is on the forecast for Wednesday the 30th. This could make for a pretty soggy Halloween.

We talked to local parents from around the area and asked them their best tips and tricks to make Trick Or Treating go as smooth as possible.

1. Create A Plan

If you know you have to make the family round before the neighborhood stops - Make a plan! Map out from Grandmas to the Cousin's, to the Godparents house. Start at the furthest home and work your way back to your home.

2. Take Pictures Before You Leave

To preserve your Halloween memories, make sure you snap a pic before hitting the streets. Lord only knows what their costumes will look like before the nights over.

3. CoCoa Break!

If it is a cold autumn evening, bring hot cocoa or apple cider to sip on in between stops to warm.

4. Skip Treat or Treating All Together

Many parents say that they skip the tradition altogether. When we asked how they spend their holiday instead, most parents said they go to St. Stephens Fall Festival. It seems like they own the market for safe Halloween fun!

5. Wear Layers

If it is shaping up to be a cold Halloween, many parents have a par of thermal underwear (long johns) on hand to put on under their kid's costume. This is an excellent hack if your kids are "cold intolerant" lol

6. Make Sure There Is A Treat Ready For You

You have been running all over town hitting all the best candy stops for your kids...where is your treat? Make sure to have your favorite wine or adult beverage waiting for you when you get home! This is a good rule for most holidays.

7. Use Reflective Tape

If you and your children will be walking the streets after dark, be sure to add some reflective tape to your costumes. Click here to buy it on Amazon!  This inexpensive hack could keep your family safe!

Happy Halloween! Have a safe and fun night. What is your favorite hack? Leave a comment below!

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