I love horror movies. I love them even more when the terror hits close to home. Here's a quick list of horror movies set in Texas to give you some "homegrown" thrills this Halloween.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn't on this list because the writer felt like that would have been just plain lazy.

For more Texas based chills and scares, check out this last I did from last year...excluding Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


  • 1

    All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

    This slasher is set in Texas and revolves around a stereotypical group of teens who spend a weekend at a secluded ranch. While at the ranch they are hunted by a killer.

  • 2

    Boggy Creek

    Boggy Creek is a creature-feature that revolves around a group of college students who take a trip to a remote cabin in Texas where they are attacked by creatures. The creatures just-so-happen to resemble Bigfoot.

  • 3

    Bubba Ho-Tep

    This one is my favorite on the list. It is set in a retirement home located in east Texas. It has Elvis, JFK, and a mummy. Bruce Campbell stars as the lovable hero, and anything with Bruce is going to be a hit with me.

  • 4

    Manos: The Hands Of Fate

    This film from 1966 involves a family that gets lost in the Texas desert on vacation. They find themselves trapped by a pagan cult. The film was written, directed, and produced by the star of the film.

    For some real added fun, be sure to check out the Mystery Science Theater 3K episode that features this Texas based horror flick.

  • 5

    Nail Gun Massacre

    This '80s slasher is set in east Texas, where a killer goes on a spree using...a nail gun. The film has been considered "so bad that it's good."

  • 6

    Race With The Devil

    Starring Peter Fonda, this one involves two couples on a dream vacation who happen to witness a murder in central Texas. The murder just happens to be a part of a satanic ritual. Car chases involving an RV, motorcycle chases, snakes, spooky townsfolk, and satanists await you in this Texas based film.

  • 7

    Bloodsuckers From Outer Space

    This one is a "zombie flick" from '84. A mist turns some Texas farmers into zombies, who begin terrorizing the town. Everyone must escape before the President of the U.S. nukes the place.

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