For a lot of poker players, the biggest achievement they could ever accomplish would be a bracelet. Not just any bracelet. Many crave a bracelet from the World Series of Poker more than any jackpot.

Recently, Amarillo showed up and got close to bringing home another bracelet at the massive Vegas event.

World Series Of Poker 2023 In Las Vegas Gets A Visit From Amarillo

This year marks the 54th annual World Series of Poker. This year it's being held on the Strip at Horseshoe Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas. It kicked off on May 30, and runs through July 18.

Before I read any of the story behind the photo, I stopped and stared. There, in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker (WSOP), was the Amarillo Social Club logo.

Big as Dallas.

It was on a hat being worn by a guy I've seen several times at the Social Club. I've sat at the same table as him on more than one occasion, and there was at a WSOP event.

Event #77, $777 Lucky 7's Meets Amarillo Social Club

In case you've only seen a little tiny bit of the WSOP on TV, the World Series is a series of several events. It's crazy, really. While the Main Event is the one we're most familiar with watching on TV, there are a ton of events happening surrounding it.

One of those events is Event #77. Daniel made a deep run in the event and made it to the money. In the photos I've seen regarding the event, there sits Daniel, wearing his Amarillo Social Club hat.

Congrats Daniel On The Run!

While Daniel didn't take home the bracelet for the event, his efforts did result in a decent payout. Out of over 7,000 entries, Daniel ended up in 17th place.

Seriously, congrats Daniel on the run. That's a job very well done.

Congrats to Amarillo Social Club, as well. In a relatively short time, the club has grown to give players and members a truly spectacular experience in Amarillo. Plus, it has to feel pretty good seeing your logo pop up in news updates on the World Series of Poker website.

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