The school has officially started in Amarillo. Tomorrow (8/18) it kicks off in Canyon. We know that teachers work hard on their rooms, so we want to help you show off all of your hard work.

Submit photos of your classroom using the Mix 94.1 app, and we'll build a gallery showing off all of the classrooms in the panhandle. If you don't have it, you can get it below.

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The start of the school year has been a little tense this year thanks to all of the headlines about masks, variants, virtual learning, and the back-and-forth on what to expect. For the most part, I have to hand it to our area schools. They've done their best at being prepared for the year.

Speaking of being prepared, one of the reasons we want to show off area classrooms this year is because we know teachers not only put in a lot of work getting their rooms ready. We also know that a lot of them spend their own money doing it.

Many teachers have even taken to setting up Amazon lists. These lists have everything from supplies needed for daily lessons, to bigger items that would help add to the teaching and learning process.

If you don't know whether or not a teacher has an Amazon list, be sure to ask or send a request to them from your Amazon account for access. Lists are no longer able to be searched through publicly. You'll need an invite.

Congrats on the start of a new year teachers! We hope it's a good one, and we can't wait to see your rooms.

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