Parents have had an interesting year. We went from working in offices to working from home. Kids have gone from going to school to all being home schooled. These two worlds have intertwined because parents have now had to step up and help with the teaching.

I began watching a lot of my friends on Facebook talk about having to relearn certain things so that they could help their kiddos. Math seemed to be one of the toughest things. Some of the ways we were taught were thrown out the window. We could still come up with the same answer but not the same steps. I get the frustration.

It was great to be reminded of my daughter's days in high school. She graduated five years ago but one of the apps that was my life saver is still around. New parent's are discovering it.

Have you used or even heard of the app called Photo Math? It is a game changer. When I discovered it my daughter was a junior in high school. You know around the time math starts getting more and more difficult. Not only does Photo Math give you the correct answer to the problem; it also gives you step by step instructions so you know how to get the answer.

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You actually learn how to do it the correct way. Oh my goodness what I wouldn't have given to have this back when I was in school. My mom wasn't a math person either so I struggled going back and forth through notes and my book to try to figure stuff out. Wow how this would have helped me.

All you do is take a photo in the app of the math problem and voila it gives you the answer and the steps. It doesn't matter if the photo is an actual problem on a worksheet or a handwritten problem. It works either way. This totally helped me while Faith was getting through math in school. Download's free and be able to help your kids too.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

After you take the photo of the problem you will get the answer:

credit: Photomath
credit: Photomath

Then you click on "Show Solving Steps" and it will show you how to solve. Whether it is a simple or complex problem. Trust me this will save you so much frustration while you are trying to learn math or trying to help teach your kiddos.