Back to school is on the mind of parents, kids, and teachers. Do you send students back to the school building, or do you conduct classes online? There is a lot of controversy surround both of those questions, however a majority of teachers have made their opinion clear.

Fishbowl conducted a survey from June 29 through August 3, 2020, and was answered by 5,673 verified teaching professionals from across the U.S. on the Fishbowl app. Teachers were asked a very simple yes or no question: “Do you think your state should reopen schools for in-person classes? The overall majority of teachers answered no, students should not return to the school building.

Credit: Fishbowl
Credit: Fishbowl

73.24% of teachers said “No” to reopening schools for in-person instruction this Fall. In Texas, a total of 270 teachers answered the question, with 78.15% saying they do not think the state should reopen schools for in-person classes, whereas 21.85% are saying the state should reopen schools.

In the Amarillo region, students will be going back to school but with distancing learning options. Each school district has stated that they are closely monitoring the coronavirus spread and may make adjustments as the school year progresses. While this plan works well for students, it still does not address concerns from teachers who may not feel comfortable going back to school.


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