The Amarillo Area enjoyed a snow day.  We received over 12 inches of snow in one night.  It was a good snow.  It was one of those big fluffy snows.  So when there is snow on the ground and it is cold, it is always great to have a big cup of hot chocolate or hot cocoa, what ever your preference.


I remember as a little girl my grandmother would always make cocoa.  She would pour the milk in a sauce pan and heat it up til it was scalded, then she would removed that film that would form over the milk and stir in her Hershey's cocoa, it had to be Hershey's.  Once the cocoa was stirred in she would stir in the sugar.  Once the sugar dissolved she would pour it into our special mugs.  She would always top mine with marshmallows, I don't think she liked marshmallows because she never topped her cocoa.  She wasn't a coffee drinker but she loved her cocoa.

Cocoa or hot chocolate is awesome.  It's warm, it's sweet and you can make it different ways.

Depending on your preference you can do so many things.  You can make cocoa/hot chocolate from scratch.  You can do it like my grandmother or you can take real chocolate and pour hot milk over it and make your hot chocolate that way.

You can pour it out of a package and add water or milk.  You can now even get hot chocolate pods ( I love those, they just pop in my Keurig).

You can top it with marshmallows, you can top it with whipped cream.  You can add peppermint stick.

You can add a little chili powder and cinnamon and transform it into a Mexican Hot Chocolate.  If you have never tried this, you should make some this weekend.

Or you can find your favorite place in Amarillo and go and get some hot chocolate.