Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you, 'he's a list guy.'

You bet! I always have some form of list that's near by, whether it's my work 'to do' list, things I need to do when I get home or for the weekend. So, you would THINK that when I head out into the big, bad world to do some shopping that I would have a list with me, right? Well, not this time because I was only heading to Walmart to get a case of bottled water.

I figured the drive to 45th and Coulter and back would take longer that my time in the store. As soon as I went through the double doors there it was, water. I gotta say it was a heck of a deal too. 35 bottles for under five bucks, cool. Then I remembered that I wanted to get a mini wax warmer for my office and they were just a couple of aisles over. Check! Wait a minute, I also needed to get a new shower mat and a rug for the bathroom. Done deal. Well, since I'm in the bathroom area of the store I REALLY could use a couple of over -sized bath towels. Ok, time to check out and head home. But WAIT! I'm running low on toothpaste, so since I'm here...You get the idea. This continued for over the next hour and by the time I got to the checkout I had racked up $200 in stuff.

Oddly enough, everything that I got last night was stuff that was sensible and things that I needed, but had I put together a list I could have been a little more reasonable and not trapped myself into the 'impulse buys.' Hmmmmmm, maybe next time I'll put THAT idea on my list.