Let us all welcome Lamesa to the party. Toot'n Totum is expanding, staking a bigger claim into this part of Texas. This time, it's south of Lubbock.

Everyone, let's welcome Lamesa to the party.

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Lamesa, Texas Getting Their Own Toot'n Totum

Toot'n Totum posted images of the ground breaking on social media. It's official. The Toot'n Totum footprint is growing.

Lamesa, Texas; Birthplace Of Chicken Fried Steak...Depending On Who You Ask

Lamesa, while a small town, actually has an interesting bit of history. The most interesting fact is that Lamesa, TX is the birthplace of the chicken fried steak.

You read that right. They are the birthplace of chicken fried steak, at least according to them, one intrepid journalist, and a former governor.

According to legend, there was a cook named Jimmy Don Perkins who got confused when looking at an order. He didn't notice a comma separating two orders, which gave Jimmy Don the idea that someone wanted a "chicken fried steak."

The rest is history, or is it?

Supposedly, The Legend Was Made Up

It is alleged that once pressed about the issue, the reporter who wrote about the legendary first chicken fried steak fessed up to it all being made up. That didn't stop former governor Rick Perry, though.

In 2011, he went ahead and named Lamesa the birthplace of the chicken fried steak. It all happened the night before their first chicken fried steak festival.

So now, it doesn't matter who made up what; or what is true and what isn't. Lamesa, TX is officially recognized as the birthplace of the chicken fried steak.

And, now, they've got their very own Toot'n Totum.

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