When I first moved to Amarillo, I heard a joke that God and Toot'n Totum were in a race to see who could claim the most Amarillo real estate. I laughed it off, but over time came to realize there is a bit of truth to the joke.

So, do we have more churches or Toot'n Totums in Amarillo?

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"We've got one on every street corner..."

It seems there are two things everywhere you look in Amarillo; churches and Toot'n Totums. Start thinking about it, and they'll start popping up around every corner in town.

It's like when you get your first pair of glasses as a kid. You never really noticed how many other people wore them until you started thinking about it all of the time.


In the time I've been here, I've seen I don't know how many new Toot'n Totum locations open up. There have been times that I could have sworn I saw one across the street from another one.

Probably just my mind playing with me.


When it comes to churches, it seems like I'm constantly noticing a new one. They're tucked away all over the city. Some of them are massive accomplishments in architecture. Some of them look like road side event centers.

We have some that look like rodeo arenas, and others that look like houses. I swear I've even seen one that was nothing more than a double wide trailer.

How Many Toot'n Totums Are In Amarillo, Texas?

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

It's been tricky finding the information for a specific number just in Amarillo. So, we'll go off of the number of stores that we can find.

Toot'n Totum boasts, "70+ locations." That includes locations outside of Amarillo.

That's not bad. Definitely a valiant effort in the land grab. There's a hefty chunk of those that exist in Amarillo.


How Many Churches Are In Amarillo, Texas?


After an impressive showing from Amarillo's most pervasive gas station, let's take a look and see how much territory belongs to the ones we pray to.

For this one, I've included all churches in Amarillo. Every single faith represented in Yellow City is a part of this list.

According to the most recent data I was able to find, there is a staggering 275 congregations in Amarillo.

This data comes from the ARDA, Association of Religion Data Archives, report for 2010. If that number is about the same today and you combine it with the most recent numbers from the census, you wind up with roughly 1 church for every 10 people in Amarillo.

I'm calling it. Throwing in the towel for Toot'n Totem.

God wins.

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