I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that I mentioned how Amarillo's crime rate is simply too high.

So today, not shockingly, I bring you yet another story of crime in the 806.

However, this one feels a little different. I mean, this has to be a new low.

Two 19-year-old males have been indicted for robbing a Toot'n Totum on 34th at gunpoint back on May 25.

In general, we hear stories like this relatively often. It's not that a convenience store was robbed, and it's not even that they allegedly held it up at gunpoint.

It's the weapon they used to hold it up.

A BB gun.

Yes, a BB gun. Maybe or maybe not similar to the Red Rider BB Gun Ralphie just HAD to have in "A Christmas Story", but it was the same type of weapon.

Now to be fair, these BB guns definitely look like the real thing, and when you're getting held up, you're not exactly looking to see what type of gun they have. You just want to comply.

That's what happened in this case. The clerk behind the counter was scared for her life, rightfully so.

The fact that we are stooping to BB guns now is ridiculous. The fact that this even continues to happen is incomprehensible. What's next, walking in with a finger in our jacket saying it's a gun? Come on, be better Amarillo.

These people are just working, trying to make a living. To potentially scar them for life and take them away from the job they rely on for income by bringing in a BB gun to stick the place up is ludicrous.

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