To buy or not to buy?  That's the question when it comes to buying flowers for Valentine's Day.  You have the excuses of "they are just going to die anyway," or "roses  are just to expensive."  Yes, fresh cut flowers will eventually die, but they are pretty, and roses well who said you had to get roses for Valentine's Day.

While roses are the go to flower for Valentine's Day, I personally don't like roses, unless they are the lipstick roses and even then, they aren't my favorite.  So you don't always have to go with roses.

So if you are planning on buying flowers for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day here's a great way to decided on the best flowers for your special Valentine.

Ebates put out a great graphic on how to decide on the best flowers:


So hopefully that helped you decide the best flowers for your Valentine's and as long as you are buying, Gerbera Daisies are my favorite!

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