Confetti eggs may be a bit messy but they are absolutely fun to have for Easter.  Kids love them, adults love them because there is something fun about cracking and egg over somebody's head.  What's even better is that they are extremely easy to make.  In fact, check out just how easy they can be to make one or dozens.

What you need:


Confetti or glitter

Tissue paper cut into small squares

School glue


Just barely crack the top of the egg(s) to make a hole big enough to get the egg out of the shell.

Once the egg is out, rinse out the inside of the shell being very careful not to break it and set it aside and let it dry.

Once dried, you can dye the egg(s) or not.

Take the egg(s) and fill them with confetti or glitter.

Take the glue and put a ring of glue on the outside of the shell just below the crack and place a small square of tissue paper on top of the hole to seal in the confetti or glitter.

Then proceed to have fun cracking eggs over people's heads.

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