Everyday more and more kids get kidnapped, learning how to escape can be hard. We have a video on showing you just how to do that by just using only your shoelace!

There has been a video going viral where a girl gets kidnapped; they tie her hands together with zip ties and she gets away by just using only her shoelace! She puts her shoelace through the zip ties and ties a knot.  Then she just pulls her feet back and fourth slowly like she's peddling a bicycle.  And just like that she breaks free!

Well, we want to put it to the test! Learning how to escape is not hard at all and you do not have to be strong to get away! You never know what to do until you are actually in that situation, so let us show you on how to break free from zip ties by just using only your shoelace!

And most importantly, teach your kids about 'Stranger Danger.'

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