This seems like a good idea. I don't have a lot of prescriptions. Well not until last year when I started taking medicine for my blood pressure but if you look at my medicine cabinet. I think I have all kinds of medicines just in case.

When my daughter was in town recently she was looking for something for her headache. She went to that medicine cabinet to find some stuff that expired back in 2017. Yes, I am guilty of not really going through that much.

I make sure I have aspirin and cold medicine just in case. Nothing is worse than feeling something coming on and then you realize you have to run to the store. When you are sick that is the last thing you want to do.

So after going through my medicine drawer that I have I realized I have a ton of expired stuff. Fortunately I don't get sick often so things expire before I use them. It got me thinking what do I do with all the expired medicine. What if I had prescriptions that also were expired. It doesn't seem safe to throw them away. Oh, and it is not.

Potter County Sheriff's Office is trying to help you in a situation like this. I came across this yesterday on their Facebook page:

The Potter County Sheriff’s Office will be participation in 2021 Spring DEA National Pharmaceutical Take Back Initiative on Saturday April 24th from 10am to 2pm. One of the most abused drugs is prescription and over the counter drugs. They are easy for young kids to get ahold of and try. Potter County Sheriff’s Office has taken the initiative to combat this epidemic with the DEA National Pharmaceutical Take Back Day. If you have any unused, expired, over the counter or prescription medicines that you need to get rid of, bring them to the Santa Fe Building at 9th and S. Polk using the main entrance on 9th this Saturday, this is a new location for convenience of our citizens.
We ask that nothing with needles be brought in or any kind of aerosol cans or any inhalers.
Come in and a deputy will be present to show you where to dump the drugs in the storage box. Clean out those cabinets and get the temptation out of your house or just make room and remove expired or unused pharmaceutical drugs.
Our drug box is always located at the Detention Center at 13100 NE 29th and available 24/7.
So this Saturday you have a place to dispose safely of all your expired medicines. They also wanted to make sure they have a standing place that you can do this anytime. Just trying to help out the community every step of the way. I appreciate that.

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