I know this is one of those common sense statements. I feel, though, it needs to be revisited. Construction here in Amarillo is a never ending occurrence. So I think as a whole we can do better than this Amarillo.

I get that as the cones move and I-40 lanes get narrower and we have to adjust that we just learn to be a bit more on the cautious side. It's been a little bit over a week since the Georgia Street area has become the danger zone so to speak.

It really has. Just in the past couple of days one person died. Someone lost their life. I don't know if the construction had anything to do with it or it was just a coincidence that it was in the same area. Regardless. A guy was struck and killed near the on ramp at Georgia on I-40 going east. Now it was 11 pm at night on Tuesday so there are some questions as to why? It is still in the area.

Then last night I was in my room watching tv around 9 pm or so when I heard a loud noise. I did not get up to investigate. I should have. I am sure I would have seen multiple flashing lights as there was a multi car accident again on I-40 and Georgia area going west this time near the Crockett exit. One car rear ended another and that is how it started. Luckily there was only one injury and no

So here is the thing. Construction is going to continue to happen and it takes us a while to get use to the changes. Let's do better. Let's go ahead and obey the traffic signs wanting us to slow down to 50 mph. That will certainly help.

Let's just get better. Our insurance companies will thank us.

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