The first annual Texas Panhandle Baconfest is tomorrow, and tickets are going fast! There is going to be an incredible amount of bacon themed dishes prepared for tomorrow evening, and it had me wondering what we would do with all of that grease. Here are five unique ways I've found that people use their left over bacon grease around the house.

  • 1

    Make A Candle

    If the idea of your whole house smelling like bacon sounds appealing, you can always use the left over grease to make a candle. Just put the grease in a jar, add a wick, and put it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

  • 2

    Fire Starter

    Put the grease in a cup lined with a paper towel. Put that cup in the fridge and leave it. The next time you go camping, take that with you and you can use the paper towel to get your camp fire started. Plus, it makes the campsite smell like bacon.

  • 3

    Leather Polish

    Not that I would recommend it, but there are those among us who swear by using bacon grease to polish their boots and other small leather items. You probably shouldn't use bacon grease on the furniture.

  • 4

    Lotion For Rough Heels

    If you suffer from "sandpaper heels," some say bacon grease will fix you right up. Take some bacon grease, slather it on your heel, cover with a sock, and then you'll wake up silky smooth and smelling like breakfast.

  • 5

    Bug Death Trap

    Put the bacon grease in a small container, mix in just a bit of vegetable oil, and enjoy the show. Bugs will flock to the bacon grease, only to be stuck for the rest of eternity in your pork pit of death. Also, could make your patio area smell like bacon.

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