As a mom I can say that pregnancy is amazing.  You are growing a life inside you and it is unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life.  The only thing I wish, is that my husband could experience some of those amazing moments.My son is six years old and I can still remember what it felt like having him in my womb.  It was and still is so surreal.  It sometimes felt like tiny flutters.  Something that I wish I could have shared with my hubby.

Well, the geniuses at Huggies Chile invented a pregnancy belt to let expecting dads feel the kicks and movements as the expecting moms would.  The belts were created last year as a special Father's Day message, Huggies has no plans on making and selling them.  I, however, wish they would.  I would totally buy this so that I could share this amazing experience with my husband. :)

Here are some videos that show the reactions of these dads.

Here is the original commercial. It is in Spanish but you can get the point.  The mom is trying to get the father to be to feel the baby kicking but he keeps missing it.  Then, they end up putting on the pregnancy belts.  Every time the baby kicks or moves, the dad can feel it.  The dads to be are overcome with emotion.

Again, I think Huggies should totally make this and sell it!!  I would buy it, would you?

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