Thieves are out and about looking for anything and everything they can get their hands on.  One of those items that can bring good money is saddles.  Unfortunately for the owners the loss is heartbreaking.

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A local Amarillo resident just recently found out that six of her saddles an 30 of her bridles were stolen from her barn.  The barn is located off of Rice Road, south of Canyon.  The suspects were driving a 2010-2011 White Expedition with stock rims.  It is believed this all happened Friday, January 7th or Saturday January 8th.

The saddles stolen were show saddles that had silver on them. One of the saddles is a custom made saddle.  It has a rough out seat with a wide horn, and brands of well known ranches stamped on the fenders.  Three of the missing saddles were English saddles, a black Passier, Katrin dressage saddle as well as 2 wide silver breat collars.   Of the bridles, six of them were silver, 15 were working bridles with Parelli bits.

If you happen to see these saddles or bridles floating around or trying to be sold, please contact the Randall Country Sheriffs Department.

The owner is offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction, or $1000 reward if saddles are recovered.

Sandra McCartt the owner of the saddles told us:

Several of the saddles have been in the family for years and have some sentimental value

I complete agree with Sandra when she said:

I hate crapweasels

I did giggle at "crapweasels" and will be adding that to my list of words to use to describe evil people in the future.

When someone comes along and steals, it is heartbreaking, infuriating and just down right rude, not to mention illegal.

I can't help but think that these particular thieves knew what they were looking for and knew where to find them.  To those that stole the saddles, shame on you.  Karma stinks and it will eventually find you.

Saddles are sacred to the owners. A lot of times they are family heirlooms handed down.  Here's hoping that the saddles and bridles will be recovered.

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