A social media post earlier today caught my attention, and also asked the public for help identifying the individual responsible for some early morning destruction.

According to the post on social media, Meme's D.O.C. Cafe on southwest 6th was assaulted by a sports car. A red Camaro to be exact.

The red Camaro struck the building doing a fair amount of damage. Then, the red Camaro sped off into the night, it's identity unknown.

If you have any info on the red Camaro, you are encouraged to contact the Amarillo Police Department.

The red Camaro should be pretty easy to spot. It's hard to imagine a red Camaro crashing into the side of a business like this and not taking any damage itself. In fact, I dare say that there would be some extensive damage done to the red Camaro.

In all honesty, it's sad to see something like this. Someone made a bad choice last night, and that bad choice left a local business damaged and unable to open up this morning to serve their customers.

That's quite the double whammy when it comes to money lost in one day. Not only have they lost the potential money that could have been made if they had been open, but now they're out the cost of repairs.

I do hope that the red Camaro is located. Even better would be finding the individual responsible. I tend to think that they'll be seen around town together. So keep your eyes peeled for someone driving a red Camaro that looks like it's been in an awful scrape. I hope that both Camaro and driver are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Again, if you know of anything related to the red Camaro and its driver you are encouraged to reach out to the Amarillo Police Department.

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