Earlier this week, someone in the office mentioned this new fancy sign on 45th. This new sign is for a polo club that we're all very aware of. I couldn't believe it personally. It's been a while since we last heard of anything going on with Cassidy's. But sure enough, it looks like something is happening over there.

Is this a sign? Could Cassidy's be getting close to coming back?

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Say What You Will, Cassidy's Is (Was) An Amarillo Staple.

I know people who would never be caught dead on the same block as Cassidy's, but they sure can tell you all about it. That's the kind of place Cassidy's is, and honestly it's not a bad thing.

It's hard to build that kind of name recognition.

Whether you were a fan or not, it was crazy watching Cassidy's close up all those years ago. It marked the end of an era in Amarillo. It was the last holdout in a city that had pretty much found a way to make sure no woman ever had to wonder why her husband smelled like pina colada air freshener and was covered in glitter.


At least, within city limits.

Cassidy's Polo Club was the last gentleman's (topless or "strip") club in the city limits of Amarillo, Texas.

It was the final stand against government mandated morality. If you squint really hard and lean to the left, it almost looks like Cassidy's was some kind of folk hero.

While I never visited Cassidy's, I do admire sticky floors sticking it to the man...so to speak. Hail, hail, rock n' roll and whatnot. Don't need the nanny state to tell me what to think, or where to spend my ones.

Could We Be On The Verge Of A Cassidy's Renaissance?

The signs point to...maybe? I'm not for sure on an opening date, and I've yet to really dig and see what info is available, but this clean new sign on 45th seems to point to a "soon."

At the very least, it's possibly an "eventually."

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

The difference, and I've seen this several times mentioned in various online threads across social media platforms, is that it won't be topless this go-round. Some hypothesize that we'll be getting a polo club that's of the bikini variety, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

This of course is all thanks to that round of ordinances that went into effect, pretty much making sure we in Amarillo would never have access to such iconic forms of entertainment.

Like watching a law student, nursing student, future teacher, all "pay their way through college."

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Will Amarillo Be Seeing It's Final Topless Bar Make A Comeback?

Either way, the idea is that Cassidy's had a small window of time before the grandfather clause in this nightmarish labyrinth of ordinances expired.

It expired, or so the quilting circle told me.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

So...and at the moment this is speculation...they'll be a bikini bar. Either that or it's a place owned by someone named Cassidy and they're really into equestrian (that means horse) sports.

Or, they like t-shirts that have itchy collars.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a bikini bar, it's like one of those sports bar and grills where the ladies wear skimpy outfits, but on steroids.

Also, this one will have a guy playing polo on the sign out front.

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