In honor of adopt a shelter cat month, I thought I would share my story.  My cat adoption story.  My almost 3-year old kept talking about a kitty and wanting a kitty and I wanted to make that dream a reality for him.

He loved cats, any kind of cat so I thought for Christmas that year, he would get a cat.  I was a little leery because over the years I had developed an allergy to cats.  I didn't understand why, because I grew up with cats.  I decided to ignore the allergy and adopt anyway and well its a good thing I did because I'm not allergic to my cat.

So I called up my friend Janet who at the time was the director of the Amarillo SPCA and told her that I wanted to adopt a kitten just in time for Christmas.  She said that they had just gotten in a bunch of kittens and I could come check them out.

So I went over to the shelter and found the kitten of our dreams, he was a fluffy orange kitten with the prettiest blue eyes.  So I began the adoption process.  He wasn't ready to be weaned off his momma yet and would be ready just in time for Christmas.  I went home and asked Ethan what he would name a kitty if he had one.  He said, "momma I would name him Meatball," so Meatball was in the process of becoming one of the family.

A week or two later Janet called me and said she had some bad news.  Meatball had feline leukemia and had to be put down.  I actually cried over an animal that had yet to become a full time member of my family.  It truly broke my heart.

She said not to worry that she would find me the perfect kitten just in time for Christmas.  She came through!  She called me up and I went up to the shelter again to meet a very pretty snow white kitten with a tiny gray stripe between his ears and one brown eye and one blue eye.  I fell in love.

On that Christmas Eve, I brought home this precious kitten and Astro Kitty has been a part of our family ever since.

Even though my adoption process was a little bumpy, we got the best cat.  Astro has been a blessing to our family, no matter what Ethan has done or will do to this cat, he sits there and takes it.  He has never once hissed at Ethan or scratched him, even though E is a little rambunctious boy who can get rough at times, this cat loves him.

I cannot imagine having a better pet and it is all because I chose to adopt a cat.  On the plus side, he keeps my house free of vermin.

To Adopt a Cat from a shelter this month please visit the following:

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