Everywhere across the Texas Panhandle it is Prom Season.Some are getting asked to go. Some are getting dressed to go.

This takes us back to our day. Back when Prom was in our future along with everything else. Did you go?

Do you remember the songs from your prom? I went to the prom when I was a Sophomore. I went with Michael. Everyone said he looked like Blane from “Pretty in Pink”. He was a dead ringer for Andrew McCarthy.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Then there was my Senior Year. I went again that year...with my Sophomore boyfriend, Kerry,

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Yes, the hair was bad back in the day. Do you recall your prom? Who did you go with? What were the songs from your prom? Are you still in contact with your prom date? I have both of mine on Facebook.

Prom was such a fun time and seems forever ago. Well because it really was. Another time another place.

I'm glad I went. The hours it took to get ready. The time spent shopping and trying on dresses. It was a great time.

The music though is the best part of the prom. Our big song from the Class of '91 in Canyon was Garth Brooks “The Dance”. Tell me about your experience! Comment below.