This was a big weekend for band competitions. The schools competed at Dick Bivins on Saturday. It was great to see the support happening for our schools.

The schools that moved on will be going on to compete. The best part was seeing our local high schools stepping up to support and cheer on their fellow classmates.

We live in a special town. Today at the final Jr. High cross country meet I saw Principals, High School football coaches, teachers, High school cross country teams (not there to complete but cheer). Then I read where our band had the same type of support at Dick Bevins, from the football team and the cheerleaders. All on a Saturday, people's day off. Thank you for making our little part of Texas proud!

So how cool is this. I have seen many posts about the football team and cheerleaders from Canyon cheering on their band. It makes sense. I mean the band is there every Thursday or Friday night supporting the football team. Which means they are also supporting the cheerleaders. So why should this not be the normal response?

I think regardless of the school there should always be a lot of support. So every school that competed at Dick Bivins over the weekend should have had the support of their football players and cheerleaders. I get it that Saturday was there day off....but look at this....the band devotes one day a week for the football team. One day a week for the cheerleaders. Is it too much to expect the bands to ask for one day a year for them? No it is not.

credit: Canyon Band
credit: Canyon Band

Kudos to Canyon for getting it!

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