Amarillo loves a good controversy. We really do. Usually when someone gets on Facebook to dog a business. One that they feel needs to change something to make this customer happy. Whether the change happens or not.

Most often it doesn't change the way the customer wants. It does bring everyone out to support the local business. It gives a lot of us in Amarillo a laugh. Over the past several days one of these situations occurred.

A lady took to the Amarillo Restaurant Reviews.....At Your Own Risk page to complain about a banner up at a local biker bar/restaurant. She did not end up getting the support that she was hoping to get. The place in question is The Handle Bar on Sixth Street.

credit: Wood Ros
credit: Wood Ros

They had a biker girl on a bike. As a place like that would. It's a biker bar. The poster showed more than this lady could handle. It showed too much skin. The owner had it previously on the patio where it could be seen from outside the establishment.

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He did move it inside the patio. He did not take it down. The banner wasn't anything more than you could see on any television at any given point of the day. He moved it though. Which is more than he even had to do.

Amarillo did not take this local "Karen's" side at all. In fact, I believe her complaint was removed from the restaurant review page. I am assuming she did as people call it a "dirty delete". She didn't get the response she wanted so she took it down. I can't find it anywhere. I can only imagine she got tired of seeing everyone against her. I don't even see this complainer in the group anymore either.

All I know is that the support for The Handlebar came in. People started showing up just to take a photo with the "offending" banner. People revisited the bar/restaurant and were reminded of the great food that they have.

According to their Facebook page, they are a family-friendly little biker bar and grill. On historic RT 66. They are not letting this little complaint get them down. They are making the most of it with their increased traffic.

If you think that banner made this lady mad I could only imagine what she would think of their bathroom doors. You will have to go by and check that out for yourself. Have a great burger and just laugh at how ridiculous Amarillo can be sometimes.

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