County lines are a strange thing. Potter and Randall County lines are no exception.

See, for a while I wanted to move over to Randall County. For one, my taxes cost more living in Potter County. Secondly, I know that I will inevitably get called to jury duty a lot more.

So when I bought a house in Wolflin back when my daughter was in second grade I thought it was perfect. Finally, a home in Randall County. Only to find out that the street I was moving to was right at the cut-off. I was a street over.

It turns out that 26th Avenue, which separates Chick-fil-a on Georgia and Walgreens, was the cutoff. If you lived on Walgreen's side you were in Randall. Live behind Chick-fil-a, you were in Potter. Well, I was behind the Chick-fil-a, so I was still in Potter County. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Not as interesting as the county lines when it comes to our Kohl's here in Amarillo. Another really wonky county line issue.

Did You Know that Kohl's is Both in Potter and Randall County?


Seems really weird but it really is. According to my police officer friend, Jason:

Here's a fun fact. The North doors are in Potter County. The South doors are in Randall. So depending which set of doors a thief uses, that decides which jail they go to.

That could lead to some interesting scenarios. Which county would you have a stricter penalty from? I would assume that Potter County would be the one you didn't want to choose. I mean since I seem to be on Jury Duty every six months or so.

But my friend James seemed to think otherwise with his own story.

I used to do security when this building was a Venture store. I had the choice to send them to either country since the store covered both. If the shoplifter made me mad I always sent them to Randall Country.

So the county lines in Potter and Randall County are very interesting when it comes to the separation in Amarillo. The only good thing is Kohl's may be helping us out by just keeping one door open right now. The Potter side has been closed for a while. That is just leaving us with the Randall County option now. Either way, don't steal from Kohl's.

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