Amarillo we love our beef here. We get to smell it a lot coming in from Hereford. We aren't too mad about eating other meat either for the most part. That is not to say everyone partakes in eating anything animal related.

There are different reasons for that. Some people just love animals so much that they can't imagine eating one. OK, fair enough. There are people who just have dietary restrictions and eating anything like that can hurt or kill them. So it's the vegan life.

You might think that eating a vegan diet would be hard in Texas. Would be even harder in Amarillo. Really that is not true. Amarillo is moving on up. We have plenty of non-vegan places to get food, of course.

Amarillo also has several choices if your diet includes going the vegan route.

Vegan-Friendly Places in Amarillo

  • Yellow City Street Food (YCSF) - 2916 Wolflin Avenue
  • FAV's - 706 SW 16th
  • The Brunch Truck of Amarillo - 213 SW 7th Avenue
  • Eat Rite Health Food and Restaurant - 2425 I-40 Frontage Road
  • The Acai Bar - 7306 SW 34th
  • 575 Pizzeria - 2803 Civic Circle or 7710 Hillside Road
  • Chill Natural Bar - 6200 Hillside Road
  • Marhaba Eritrean and Ethiopian Cuisine and Market - 2522 Paramount Blvd
  • The 806 Coffee and Lounge - 2812 6th Avenue
  • Saigon Restaurant - 2909 W Interstate 40
  • Indian Oven - 2406 Paramount Blvd
  • It's a Punjabi Affair - 4201 Bushland Ave
  • Jason's Deli - 7406 SW 34th or 2600 Wolflin Avenue
  • Crush WIne Bar & Grill - 627 South Polk
  • Burrito Stop - 114 SE 9th

So Amarillo has done a lot of changing over the years. We have plenty of places to help you on your way to living a vegan lifestyle. You are not just stuck at home cooking for yourself. You have plenty of options when it comes to going out on the town.

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