I was just scrolling through Facebook the other day, just minding my own business. A post caught my attention and I didn't understand why there is so much hate in Amarillo. What is going on?

 The Post in Question

Someone was mad. Yes, this seems to be an ongoing occurrence here. What were they mad about? A show that was happening at The Globe-News Center. OK, what was it? Not the R Rated Magic Show. That didn't make them mad.

It was not an Amarillo Wranglers matchup. No, not a problem. There is no rivalry as big as some of the hate spewing from Amarillo.

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So what is it that we are mad about? A drag show. Yes, that is bringing problems. It's a Drag Queen Christmas Show. No people are not mad about it even being a Christmas Show so much. They are just mad that it is happening in Amarillo at all.

Why? If you don't like it fine. Don't go. Don't buy a ticket. it seems like that is an easy fix. You may have seen some of the posts as well. If not count yourself lucky.

It's an all-ages show so how bad can it be? What is a happier time than Christmas? So I don't get it. If you don't like it, fine. Not everyone likes the Beach Boys but nobody gets mad when they come to town. How you don't like the Beach Boys I don't understand but fine. Especially when they bring John Stamos with them. I get it we can't make everyone happy.

Some people are mad because it is an all-ages show. The kids? What will they think? Well, Halloween is another day that people dress in all sorts of ways, and again no issue. So this really shouldn't be one either. If you don't want your kids there, don't take them.

credit: Amarillo Civic Center
credit: Amarillo Civic Center

Drag shows are fun from what I hear. I haven't been to one. It's not because they offend me. I just have never had the opportunity. So don't ruin the fun for other people who want to go. Stop complaining already Amarillo.

Plus from checking out their website HERE I found that Todrick Hall is scheduled to be a special guest. Todrick made his first appearance on American Idol. Oh, and Todrick is from Plainview. So not too far from here.

Check it out and guess what you might even like it.

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